About Sendingmoney.org

Sending money is an information website to provide some of the latest innovation in bank accounts and fintech to the market. 

Our vision for Sendingmoney.org

The Vision of sending blue is to allow busy online entreprenuers and digital nomads to find the latest banking solutions that will help them manage their cross broder payments and banking needs. 

In the last 10 years there as been an explosion of online and cross border business. These business are struggling with payments and getting Banking support. 

At Sendingmoney.org we want to create an information website which willl provide detailed information and singup processes for the latest and best bank account. 

Our long term vision is to have hundreds of providers on our website which will compete to provide the best service and price to our global customer base.  

As a Digital first company we struggled to find the right banking partner. Sendingmoney.org helped us find what is out there in the market and made sure our onboarding was easy. 

Connor Davis
Digital Consulting CEO

Underlying Technology

Payid.org framework

The vision of Sendingmoney.org is to provide smart banking options to the new digital companies. the underlying problem all digital companies face is that there as they grow they need many banking and payments options. 

Sendingmoney.org is working on connecting all the payment partners using Ripples payid.org framework. what this will allow is for users to send and receive payments as simply as email with all the hard working of bank accounts and transactions done by the system. 

this vision will take time and eoffrt to built , in the interim till we lauch our test wallet. we will provide information on payments partners on our website and automate onboarding processes using normal digital technology.

It is the long term vision of sendingmoney.org to allow users to signup once with Payid then generate and attach all bank accounts under one ID.