Need SWIFT wire access and bank account for your crypto business?

We provide Hybrid Multi-Currency Bank Accounts that are crypto-friendly. Crypto exchanges, crypto traders and OTC desks can use these accounts.


Account for Exchanges and Traders

All major crypto exchange licenses, OTC desks and traders on and can open these accounts.

Named Sub Accounts

These are hybrid accounts. The beneficiary or account name is jointly in the name of your gaming company and the ewallet provider. The account number belongs to the payment processor.

SWIFT Multi-Currency Wires

Receive payments in up to 20 different currencies via SWIFT wire transfers. Use our currency conversion tool to convert and pay out.

Fast Onboarding in 48-72 hours

These Singapore-based accounts don’t have the same onboarding delays experienced while onboarding accounts in Europe. 

170+ Countries Supported

Send and receive payments to and from 170+ countries.

Types of Payments We Support? 

Pay-ins (C2B)

Receive SWIFT wire transfers directly from your crypto investors or crypto purchasers. Our accounts are perfect for multi-currency collections from all over the world.


You can use these accounts with payment processors, payment gateways, OTC desks, exchanges from all over the world and for paying salaries, affiliates, partners.

Pay-outs (B2C)

Use these accounts to send funds to your customers as part of their crypto to fiat trade in 20+ currencies. 


What are Named Sub Accounts? 

The accounts are provided by a Singapore-based Money Remittance Provider. They operate with high risk merchants on an exclusive basis with Note that we have created this landing page to protect the reputation of the Payment Service Provider. This is not their main website. 

The accounts are what we call 'Name Sub-accounts' or 'Hybrid Accounts'. It means that even though the account numbers are shared, the Account Name or Beneficiary name for the inbound payment includes your company name. For example if your company name is Crypto Estonia Ltd. the account name will be Ewallet pte. ltd.-Crypto Estonia Ltd. This means that when payments arrive into the account, they are instantly identified just like if you had your own bank account. 

This hybrid method allows for collecting payments from customers under your own name in different currencies from accounts issued by top banks, like Standard Chartered and CIMB, but without the compliance nightmare of opening up a full bank account.

Example of Bank Details for Crypto Estonia Ltd

Account Name: Ewallet Pte. Ltd.-Crypto Estonia Ltd
Account Number: 01030531227
Account Currency: USD
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (Code: 7144)
Bank Address: 6 Battery Road Singapore 049909 Branch Code: 001

You will find a detailed explanation of these accounts here: What are Hybrid Bank Accounts?


Our Banking rails are built on top of the very best banks




Monthly fee: €0
Internal transactions: €0
SWIFT wire transfers (incoming): 1%
plus swift correspondance banking fee: €0 - €30
SWIFT (outgoing): 1%
plus swift correspondance banking fee: €0 - €30
FX (currency exchange): 1%



Monthly fee: €0
Internal transactions: €0
SWIFT wire transfers (incoming): 1.00%
plus swift correspondance banking fee: €0 - €30
SWIFT (outgoing): 1%
plus swift correspondance banking fee: €0 - €30
FX (currency exchange): 1%


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